The Green Album
Like the "White Album," But Green

Welcome to Bobby Angel’s second studio album, The Green Album.

The full album

The album features some eleven (some say 12) songs that follow are a tribute to nature, and an ode to what the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) is all about. In typical Bobby Angel form, the artist wasn’t even aware he was doing a second album until, in an unexpected wave of inspiration, the final song, entitled Preserved came to life.

Preserved is what the critics are calling a literary and musical masterpiece, a rare gem of a song that both summarizes and challenges everything that came before.

One of it’s many hit songs

Other hit songs on the album include The Lusitania – a statement song meant to unseat the Titanic as the top maritime disaster of our collective consciousness – and the haunting tale of a small patch of woods called Ugliest Forest. Bobby Angel brings it on this album, like only Bobby Angel can.

And more than just hit song after hit song, in the tradition of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM), Bobby Angel sits down or an interview around the campfire after every song as every good nature folk musician does.

More About the Album: The Green Album is Bobby Angel’s second studio LP. His debut album New Pangaea was released in July 2020. Bobby Angel lives very close to a campfire on the outskirts of a Cypress Forest in southern Florida. Click “Read More” to see all the songs and interviews.