Welcome to my campfire concerts!

The campfire is where we gather around to talk about what’s important in life, and play a few songs, too. Find out more in my newsletter or feel free to contact me directly.

Otherwise, hope you enjoy!

Campfire Concerts

Bobby Angel’s Campfire Concerts

Concert at Lake Flirt
And why the water fall never went away

There’s a saying that …

The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

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Well, sometimes you don’t even have to wait that long. That’s where campfires come in. There have been a lot of major inventions over the eons. The toaster. The comb. Just as seen on TV products. The list goes on. But has there ever been as good an invention as the campfire? Maybe the wheel. But that’s splitting hairs. The truth is that the there’s really no other antidote out there for what ails the soul than spending some quality time around a campfire. At least for my money. And campfire’s are usually free. That’s the best part.

Barron River Bound
Campfire concert by the canal

Bobby Angel was promised …

A “river” venue.

Bobby Angel’s 2-song set with lots of story telling

The problem? After a long search he gave up and settled for the canal. Not to worry: The campfire lit easily enough and the strings of his guitar were tuned just as well. Bobby Angel’s 2-song set includes (1) One More Melaleuca and (2) David Moody Blues. But the true focus of this campfire concert is the mystery and history (and artist recommended future) of the road, the canal, the river and the old railroad. Bobby Angel goes deep history mode and doesn’t turn back, nor does the crackle of the campfire disappoint.

Practice Concert
Working on a new song

If practice doesn’t always make perfect …

It is a proven (and well trod) path to success.

Bobby Angel practices a new song

And really, you should never strive for perfection for the reason the pursuit is a fractal and will continually leave you feeling let down. Campfires are the perfect antidote. Or rather, not perfect — I mean pretty darn good salve for whatever ails you. Around the campfire that more than suffices. This one-song campfire includes plenty of talking and one practice session of Return of the Lone Ranger.

Concert in Big Cypress

Bobby Angel attempts and fails …

To debut his new album around the campfire.

Bobby Angel sings a 3-song set

The problem? There seems to be a disconnect between the songs he’s selecting and the title of the album — Big Cypress Bound. Or is there? Bobby Angel explores the topic between singing his three songs, including (1) Pretty Boy and the Gunpowder, (2) Smash Hit and (3) Her and There.

L-28 Campfire Gig
Campfire Concert on the L-28

Why a campfire concert on a levee?

Answer: The adjacent canal was simply too wet.

Bobby Angel sings a 3-song set

Bobby Angel’s 3-song set includes (1) Midstream, (2) Pretend It Never Happened, and (3) Jaws of the Glades. But be aware: Bobby Angel does as much talking about the song as he does singing, and also goes off on some diatribes about the history of water management in the Everglades and Big Cypress. These three songs especially ring true on the levee because they speak to the interconnection between the Everglades and the Big Cypress Swamp and why restoration of the former depends on the later and vice versa.

Campfire at Muscovy Lake
A half-hour campfire concert

What’s more scenic than a Muscovy Duck?

Answer: A lake where flocks of them are known to roost.

Bobby Angel sings a 4-song set

Join the campfire to listen to Bobby Angel’s story telling in this four-song set at scenic Muscovy Lake. Bobby angel hits all all cylinders, and rarely has the campfire crackled so well. The ducks were loving it, too. Songs include: (1) Ballad of a Florida Panther, (2) Ugliest Forest, (3) Preserved, and (4) Higher Moral Ground.