Bobby Angel Goes Broadway
It was never a question of if, but when (and for how long)

The secret of life …

Is finding the right venue.

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What critics are dubbing “a campfire to remember,” singer/songwriter Bobby Angel is sweeping the country on a whirlwind campfire concert tour. Did I say country? I meant county. Actually country sounded better, we should stick with that. Folks: In all seriousness, it’s not neither the journey or the destination — it’s your imagination. Here’s the backstory: Somebody asked me to bring my guitar to an event. Have a month to prepare I dutifully worked on a campfire song set. I also rehearsed it in front of a campfire to warm reception. Granted, it was a friendly crowd. But they had the power to throw my guitar into the canal if they wanted. They didn’t. Then came the actual event. It never materialized. I played one song, and only to one person. A week later I randomly stopped by a place on the way home from work and they booked me on the spot — for Friday (2 days away), and better yet a $100 event. I’m not saying I planned it that way. But I’m going in prepared with a Playbill. And that’s not just being fancy. My goal is Broadway by the end of the year, or maybe a campfire around Yellowstone. I know somebody who used to work there. It’s not how good you are or even who you know, but getting the reps in for something that never goes as planned.

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