Ugliest Forest

In the eye of the beholder

Don’t be too quick to judge …

That’s what the animals will tell you.

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Just because a forest has the wrong types of trees, or isn’t quite big enough to fit a hiking trail, don’t let that lead you into thinking it doesn’t have any worth. Every piece of open space counts. Just ask the mice, the squirrels and the rabbits and such. The birds, too. Those little patches of woods at the outskirts of town. We tend to ignore them until the bulldozers move in, and then all of a sudden we realize: “Wow, I’m gonna miss those trees.” Every tree, every plant and every animal is special in its own way. This song by Bobby Angel reminds us of that.

Oh, and about Firelight Radio — It’s hosted by a guitar. If you think that’s a bit unusual, think about it: You can’t have a Nature Folk Movement (NFM) without a guitar by a campfire. That’s what Firelight Radio is all about.

Tragedy in the woods

Ugliest Forest

Words and music by Bobby Angel

Some people said it looked obscene. That it had all the wrong types of trees. Other people drove by it and didn’t notice it at all. The road was the only thing they saw. Rumor was it had hobo camp or three. Not exactly a nice place to be.

But if you listen closely you can hear the bird call.

It was the ugliest forest you ever saw

There was old two track that went to a foundation that somebody said used to be a service station. Long ago the owners up and left, and so grew back a secondary forest. Still see some fruit from the grove that in the light shine like gold.

Over time it grew thick and tall.

It was the ugliest forest you ever saw

Bears seemed to like it, at least one. He’d go in and play under the sun. Birds would fly in and land on a branch. They didn’t care it was the wrong type of plant Lots of mice, rabbits and squirrels and such. They liked the forest very much

Over time it grew thick and tall

It was the ugliest forest you ever saw

Then came the stakes and the neon tape that more or less sealed its fate. A week after that the machines revved the up and didn’t stop until everything was cut. Birds are gone except for some crows. And a dead bear by the side of the road.

It was about the ugliest forest you ever saw

But not anymore because it’s completely gone