In the eye of the beholder

Don’t be too quick to judge …

That’s what the animals will tell you.

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Just because a forest has the wrong types of trees, or isn’t quite big enough to fit a hiking trail, don’t let that lead you into thinking it doesn’t have any worth. Every piece of open space counts. Just ask the mice, the squirrels and the rabbits and such. The birds, too. Those little patches of woods at the outskirts of town. We tend to ignore them until the bulldozers move in, and then all of a sudden we realize: “Wow, I’m gonna miss those trees.” Every tree, every plant and every animal is special in its own way. This song by Bobby Angel reminds us of that.

Oh, and about Firelight Radio — It’s hosted by a guitar. If you think that’s a bit unusual, think about it: You can’t have a Nature Folk Movement (NFM) without a guitar by a campfire. That’s what Firelight Radio is all about.