Wetland sharks

Jaws of the Glades

A farewell Song to Laurie Humphrey

Words and music by Bobby Angel

February 26, 2021

She used to work in the Everglades and always knew how to play the game whenever they asked and wanted to know she told them the Everglades were the only show but then one time she finally got fed up when she scooped the water up in cup to find it filled with all sorts of nasty stuff

That’s when she ran off and escaped to the Big Cypress Swamp a place that has everything you could ever want and forever more and ever since on the west side of a hill they call the L28 fence and now she feels free whenever a visitor has an inquiry she says it’s easy to see it’s shadier under the trees

If you like concrete and gates then the Everglades is your place 0r bureaucratic malaise again I recommend the Everglades or sawgrass that bites like a shark I point you in the direction of Everglades Park

Inside a dome that’s the place I call home water up to my knees and no entrance fees gators a grumbling and storm clouds a thundering and mosquitoes singing in my ears I promise really there’s nothing to fear

The Everglades was just a phase I really don’t get the whole craze I’d rather be the cypress maze away from the east coast smokey haze to catch the twilights last shadowy rays and fall to my knees to give them prays and then stare up into the pitch black night just me and the twinkling pinpricks of light

Its where you end not where you start that floods the love into your heart it’s where you end not where you start which is why the Big Cypress will always beat on in my heart