Art of the campfire shanty
And knowing where you fit in

What’s the secret

Behind a good campfire shanty?

Bobby Angel talks Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

Answer: It all starts with the night sky, a campfire and a guitar. Oh, and you’ll need a good singer/songwriter, too. That’s where Bobby Angel fits in. Not that there aren’t other equally qualified campfire composers out there. There’s lots, actually. That’s the beautiful thing. My point is this: You probably won’t see me fill up a stadium arena anytime soon, or be invited to the Philharmonic to perform with a quartet of virtuoso violinists. (Actually, that sounds fun.) But really the place I fit best is around the campfire. A few chords, the crackle and my songs and story telling. I’m not saying I’m the perfect campfire troubadour, but the campfire is probably the place that I find my best fit.

The best thing about the campfire? Probably the copious crackling, as it goes a long way to covering up my many mistakes. Campfires are very forgiving in that way. It’s a lesson I’ve learned one campfire at a time.

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