Flood of fan mail

All you really need …

Is one fan in life.

Opening fan mail is always exciting

Everything after that is icing on the cake.

Oh, and by the way:

Bobby Angel answers all his fan mail!

Art of the campfire shanty
And knowing where you fit in

What’s the secret

Behind a good campfire shanty?

Bobby Angel talks Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

Answer: It all starts with the night sky, a campfire and a guitar. Oh, and you’ll need a good singer/songwriter, too. That’s where Bobby Angel fits in. Not that there aren’t other equally qualified campfire composers out there. There’s lots, actually. That’s the beautiful thing. My point is this: You probably won’t see me fill up a stadium arena anytime soon, or be invited to the Philharmonic to perform with a quartet of virtuoso violinists. (Actually, that sounds fun.) But really the place I fit best is around the campfire. A few chords, the crackle and my songs and story telling. I’m not saying I’m the perfect campfire troubadour, but the campfire is probably the place that I find my best fit.

The best thing about the campfire? Probably the copious crackling, as it goes a long way to covering up my many mistakes. Campfires are very forgiving in that way. It’s a lesson I’ve learned one campfire at a time.

Escaping defeat
Victory lap into the trees

In the pandemic state of modern times,

Work gatherings are difficult to find.

That didn’t stop Bobby Angel from penning a song even if he inadvertently missed the party. Thank you Laurie for you contributions over the years, And most of all defecting to the Big Cypress! And also to Rita for tracking me down and encouraging me to write a song. Sometimes Bobby Angel needs prodding, or as is the case in these strange times just a reminder that someone is leaving when everyone is telecommuting from home. More about this song: I wrote it almost a year ago one the eve of us thinking everything was about to back to normal. So much for normal, or whatever hybrid of normal takes shape whenever and if ever we emerge from the post Covid-19 now Omicron coccoon.

As always, truly and forever,

Old school angel
And why it took 14 years

Believe it or not …

I sang my first song in 1999.

Playing to a packed audience at The Pavilion

It would take another 15 years to record my first song. The reason? For one, smart phones didn’t become ubiquitous until sometime around 2010. Another reason might be that my songs were never planned events. Sometimes it would be a day before a farewell party and I didn’t have a song. Or I had a song that was half cooked and still being very unsure if I would be ready for show time. But I learned my lesson quickly: People preferred any song to no song at all. And I was pretty much a persona non-grata if I showed up empty handed without a song to play. The question still needs to be asked: How many songs did I sing in the great “blacked out” period between 1999 and 2014. If I had to guess — and just counting farewell songs — I would say a good two dozen, maybe more. Many of them I wrote down. Just as many I forgot the chords. But maybe that’s the most incredible thing. One song called The Ballad of the Florida Panther I only sang once, and really even then when I sang it I was just trying to follow the chicken scratch page of lyrics I’d scribbled together in the day before Krista left. The year was 2005. How I managed to reconstruct the song (and the chords) fifteen years later is anybody’s guess other than I’m 100 percent positive I remembered the correct chords. I’m not saying I’m a great artist, but twenty years after singing my first song and barely being able to play more than a few chords I have a pretty good webpage. Next steps: Live performance. Ready or not world, Bobby Angel is ready, willing and able to tour. But not until I get done my third album, yet to be named.

Upcoming gig
Attendance is free

Bobby Angel isn’t saying …

That he’s as big as the Beatles.

Bobby Angel talks “upcoming gig”

Nor will his upcoming performance rival the Beatles American debut at Wembley Stadium, even if Wembley Stadium is in London. The truth of the matter, the Beatles broke up only months after I was born, therefore — and sadly — the only thing I know about them is from history books. The incredible thing about the Beatles is they were only together nine years, although most of it in the limelight. Compare that to Bobby Angel who’s been going at it for almost twenty years and has yet to find a smash hit or popular appeal. The reason: It might have something to do with my failure to master a fourth chord. Whatever the case, I make my long awaited debut at FGCU on February 12th. Hope to see you there.

Show goes on

In the pandemic state of modern times,

Work gatherings are difficult to find.

That didn’t stop Bobby Angel from penning a song …

Even if he inadvertently missed the party.

Thank you Laurie for you contributions over the years,

And most of all defecting to the Big Cypress!

Truly and forever,

Green Album Drops

And not just dropped …

This album is totally – to quote my son – “drip.”

But what’s the story behind the album’s name?

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Bobby Angel Principle
And why songs are like old friends

What’s the most important principle in writing a song?

Answer: Not to let it slip by.

Listen to Not Sure

Songs may not always click. But if you dwell on them too long, they never see the light of day. That’s why my philosophy is to go with what you got. Figure out the words, play it, play it again, change around the chords and add more words. Forty-eight hours later you have a song. I’m not saying it’s perfect, and you can always revisit the song down the road, and most of all with repeat playings to yourself and others. How do you know when to quick tweaking? The surest sign of that is the song is finally talking to you, like an old friend, to the point that you’re not sure whether you wrote the song at all, or if it was always out there waiting to be found.