Green Album Drops

And not just dropped …

This album is totally – to quote my son – “drip.”

But what’s the story behind the album’s name?

Actually, the album doesn’t have a title. “The Green Album” is simply what people are calling it.


In part because it’s green, and there’s no other title to call it by. But if you dig deeper and listen to the songs, you’ll see soon enough that the protection of nature is its central theme. How Bobby Angel even got into this position is difficult for him to understand. By day, the artist is a hydrologist. But more and more seeing that the folk movement had died, largely as a result of Bob Dylan abandoning it at the alter, for the past many years there has been a great void. That’s where Bobby Angel steps in to take a stand for the trees. Nature may be on the retreat, but Bobby Angel is ready (and willing) to launch a new offensive in the name of the earth. His quest: To restore natural ecosystems to their previous selves. If you think that’s a dream, guess again. Bobby Angel has more than a few tricks up his sleeves.

To all my fans …

I hope you enjoy the album.