X Marks The Spot

The thing about Bobby Angel …

It’s never been his day gig.

That being said, he is singularly focused on pumping old and new material out.

Bobby Angel also famously said:

I purposely chose hydrology, knowing my music career

would always be waiting for me down the road.

Bobby Angel, circa 1998

The way Bobby Angel sees it, you can always become a musician, but making inroads in the hydrology profession requires getting a big break early in one’s career, and investing time and energy in understanding the science and engineering of things. Later in his career, that can all be fed into song. But to try to do the opposite: start out as a full-time musician and then trying to crack into hydrology will relegate you to a career of writing shallow love songs.

In a phrase, Bobby Angel saw the big picture.

Hydrology first, singer/songwriting second.

Finally after twenty years his prophesy is paying off.