The Rambler

Bobby Angel spellbinds his audience with a vivid cowboy ballad of a wanderer caught in time between what was and what will never be. Set in the Old West, the backstory of this Bobby Angel original counterbalances hope and despair, love and loss.

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Neither bank

Forget about getting to the other side …

It’s being midstream that counts.

It’s called learning to go with the flow!

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Built to be torn down

This song laments the plight of a man …

Who discovers his house is a “tear down.”

Does that mean all that sweat equity was for naught?

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Down by the river
Never mind the untuned guitar

Bobby Angel performs perhaps his most poignant and revealing rendition of Downtown in Tivoli yet, an ode to small town life, change, the nearby flowing river and love lost yet ultimately retrained by way of memories that can never be erased.

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