Marsha Marsha Marsha

This song has a special place …

In my heart.

I finally worked out the chords in this session

The reason? For one, I think it’s upbeat. And it also tells a good story. Most of all is that is the first farewell song that I performed live at a party. In the run-up to singing the song, it’s also how I got my stage name Bobby Angel. Other details: At the end of the song I discuss a little history behind the song and how after twenty years I managed to remember and reconstruct the way I sang it on that fateful night. I’m not proud. But I did need the practice. But the end of the session I was wide awake and alert. In total I rehearsed about five songs. It’s all about getting your reps in.

The Rambler

Bobby Angel spellbinds his audience with a vivid cowboy ballad of a wanderer caught in time between what was and what will never be. Set in the Old West, the backstory of this Bobby Angel original counterbalances hope and despair, love and loss.

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Neither bank

Forget about getting to the other side …

It’s being midstream that counts.

It’s called learning to go with the flow!

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Down by the river
Never mind the untuned guitar

Bobby Angel performs perhaps his most poignant and revealing rendition of Downtown in Tivoli yet, an ode to small town life, change, the nearby flowing river and love lost yet ultimately retrained by way of memories that can never be erased.

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