The Green Album
Like the "White Album," but "Green"

Released in 2021,

The Green Album is a tribute to nature.

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More about the Green Album:

Welcome to Bobby Angel’s second studio album, The Green Album. The some eleven (some say 12) songs that follow are a tribute to nature, and an ode to what the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) is all about. In typical Bobby Angel form, the artist wasn’t even aware he was doing a second album until, in an unexpected wave of inspiration, the final song came to life. Preserved is what the critics are calling a literary and musical masterpiece, a rare gem of a song that both summarizes and challenges everything that came before. To quote Bobby Angel, “- On songs like Preserved I’m just along for the ride. All credit goes to my muse.” Other hit songs on the album include The Lusitania – a statement song meant to unseat the Titanic as the top maritime disaster of our collective consciousness – and the haunting tale of a small patch of woods called Ugliest Forest. Bobby Angel brings it on this album, like only Bobby Angel can.

P.S. It also features Bobby Angel’s first anti-war protest song.