New Pangaea
Bobby Angel's debut album (2020)

This debut LP explores …

The meaning of saying goodbye.

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More about New Pangaea:

Farewells are both an end and a new beginning.

Bobby Angel’s rocked the Nature Folk world with his debut album and masterpiece New Pangaea. Part Vinyl 33-speed LP, part live campfire event and part narrative history, Bobby Angel simultaneously rekindles and revolutionizes the album genre. Side A of New Pangaea starts where it all started with Bobby Angel – Marsha Marsha – and ends with perhaps Bobby Angel’s most inspirational ode to taking the moral high ground when it comes to fighting for and protecting nature. The songs in between provide a deeply rousing and introspective look into what it takes to live in harmony with the natural world. Remember the magic of turning over to Side B of a 33-speed Vinyl LP? And the climactic concuding song at the end? Think Bob Dylan’s Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands from Blonde on Blonde, or Jungleland at the end of Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run. The eponymously named New Pangaea at the end of Side B does not disappoint.