New album leaked!

When does writing songs …

Turn into an album?

Like a Eureka moment, it just suddenly clicks.

Tentatively, in our studio sessions, we’ve been referring to the album as simply “The Green Album,” although that may yet change. Other names being batted around include PreservedThe Blue Album (long story), Green on Green, and To All My Fans, With Love, Bobby Angel.

People often ask me: “Bobby Angel, what’s your favorite thing about your second album?”

My answer is always and unequivocally the same:

Performing the songs to connect their meaning to others. And also, I must admit. I’m kind of itching to do a third album. So it feels good have the second one done, or almost done. As much as I’m an “ad hoc go with the flow” type of guy, I’m equal parts a finisher, too. That’s my secret to songwriting. Get it done and then move on. The longer a song sits the more it starts to lose its original intent. Songs in their truest form capture a moment and just flow.

A “moment catcher” is what a good song is.

At least that’s my theory (for now).

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As always and forever, I am truly yours,