Happiness is in the middle

Listen to Midstream

This song started with the refrain, both literally and figuratively. Without really even thinking that much I put together some stanzas after that, but wan’t wasn’t pleased with them at the time. For a day or so I had the thought that better lines would come to me. A week or so passed and I just decided it to go with whatever I wrote and pretty much stuck with that. A couple lines were tweaked, but not much.

The key element of this song is both starting and ending with the chorus.

It works as a bit a of an anthem, too. After each stanza when you sing it the chorus builds to the point at the penultimate chorus, right after the third stanza, the “midstreams” morph into a rising crescendo that, in addition to juxtaposing the final chorus (which drops down to a whisper at the end), would also be the perfect place for a guitar solo.

This song is fun to play, with lots of wiggle room to improvise.

I’m glad I wrote it.