Many artists spend weeks in a studio …

Trying to refine a song to the nth degree.

Bobby Angel’s philosophy, on the other hand, is to get a first draft out.

Why? Absent any producers or advisors, the imperative is to get the music to his fans, and to be perfectly honest – Bobby Angel needs to hear the song himself.

The only way to do that is to record the initial take and go from there.

Is this the final version of the song?

Probably not. One listen in I can already hear things I’d like to tweak. And let’s be honest about song sung around the campfire: They’re rarely sang the same way twice. But there is merit to getting a song down as opposed to letting it rot on the detritus of a perpetually delayed release. Bobby Angel just lets it rip because Bobby Angel knows that’s how you refine a song and move on to the next.

To all my fans with love,