Calling All Angelheads
Angelhead Newsletter: Vol 2, 2021

Welcome music fans,

I’m Bobby Angel and this is my newsletter.

More about my music, in my own words

My goal? To restore nature one campfire song at a time. If you think that’s far fetched, then I encourage you to give me a second (and third) listen. (Although it isn’t usually until the fourth or fifth that it starts to click.) Granted, I’m not your traditional singer/songwriter. But I feel I have something worthwhile sharing. And I sort of like writing them, too. You know, before the BobbyAngel.Org website, I really didn’t have a reason to write or share my music. I’d sort of sing a song once and that would be it. So another reason is really personal. I just wanted to have a place to park my songs which in turn, now that I have it, gives me a motivation to write new ones.

My primary topic is nature, and how to restore it, and how we as people can better connect with it.

But I write an occasional love song, too.

One of my best “nature folk” ballads

Warning: It’s a tear jerker

Oh yes, and I’ve also produced some albums.

I’m an old school folkie in the tradition of, say, Neil Young or Bob Dylan, who saw the album, not the song, as the broader canvas of their work. Not that I’m on their level.

My most recent album

So welcome to the Angelhead Newsletter and I hope you enjoy.

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Yours truly and always,

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