Between the song

Nature folk troubadours are all the same …

The lead in to a song is longer than the song itself.

In that regard, Bobby Angel is guilty as charged. But then again, that’s what the Nature Folk (NF) tradition is all about. The backstory behind a song, or in this case – a movement – is half the point. Campfires inspire storytelling as much as they do song, and in fact the two go hand in hand.

Another interesting point about campfires: It’s not exactly a place that you take notes. Yes, I’ll admit: In today’s smart phone culture recording video of any event is almost reflexive. But really isn’t the point of a campfire to put the phone down?

Campfires are as much about being in the moment as they are about what they inspire next. Not everything discussed around a campfire gets done, just as not everything that happens as a result of a campfire was ever discussed or written down. For many, that may be hard to understand.

But for anyone who’s ever been inspired by a campfire, it’s as plain as day.