Behind the breeze

Behind every nature folk song …

Is the backstory, an usually a pretty long one.

Or rather, it could be very long. But usually Bobby Angel knows that if he’s going to get his point across he also has to cut the chase. That means most of his “behind the shanties” are just a few minutes long. This song was a bit of an outlier. Normally, I go for the full ballad approach. This was a case of being inspired by the first truly cool northeast wind of the year, and the opening refrain just popping in my head, and really not even writing it down. The truth about this song: That it was even salvaged and memorialized is a bit of a miracle, if also a testament to why the Bobby Angel website it so important. Where usually such songs wouldn’t see the light of day, the BobbyAngel.Org provides a venue for writing down and performing such songs. Granted, it’s not a perfect take. But in the tradition of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM), the goal is to get the word out and capture a moment.

It’s a departure song, but I like it very much.

I think it provokes a mood and sense of well being.

The chord sequence (D, open) mimics the north wind and the emotional response it stirs up (C, F).