Too many directions?

Bobby Angel’s primary direction …

Is avoiding staying in the same spot.

But is that the only thing that drives the artist? The truth is, running away from wherever you are is as sure a strategy as exists for getting nowhere fast. Or maybe, rather, getting there fast – but really not having much to show. Usually there’s a guiding light. Sometimes called the muse.

But what or who is the muse? It’s not always easy to say. The muse is as imaginary as it is the only real thing, as electrifying as it is tranquilizing, as useful as it is a complete waste of time. There is a theory that life is basically wasting time between meals, and if you’re an artist – it’s between those meals that you are consumed by your muse.

And really, going back to the beginning – the only way for an artist to be productive is to enjoy the spot their in.

Like the muse it pulls both ways.