Technical difficulties
Trying to wear too many hats

Have you ever heard the story …

Of the cowboy that tries to ride off in all directions?

Bobby Angel’s ode to moving one

The short answer is he fall is his rear end. And maybe the moral of the story is you can only get somewhere one place at a time. On the other hand I get it — if you’re a cowboy like me you have a lot of things to do and people to see. And the truth is sometimes you don’t know what direction to go first. The secret to my success, if you can call it that, is that I do one thing at a time. The caveat is that I don’t always do them as well as they should be.

Take for example my contact form for this website. If anybody out there has been trying to contact me, you’re inquiry has been getting lost in outer space somewhere, or wherever the internet sends things that aren’t correctly addressed. I’m assuming that’s Jupiter, or maybe a distant star. Whatever the case and wherever those messages have gone, I’ve officially gone in and fixed it so your inquiry goes to me. So don’t lose faith if I haven’t replied back — Please feel free to reach out and contact me again. This time, I promise, I’ll respond back. And yes, I can already guess at your question: How do you get tickets for my next campfire event? Someday I’ll get a manager and an event coordinator and a bunch of other staff. But in the meanwhile look for me to handle all the tasks. That includes writing the songs, maintaining the website, and answering fan mail.

Who knew being a folk star required wearing so many hats?