Rising to the occassion
And why its easier said than done

When it comes to singing or writing a song …

It’s all about seizing the moment.

That doesn’t mean it ever goes down like planned. It never does. That’s what being an artist is all about. Sure, you have a concept in mind. That doesn’t mean it’s going to work … or at least come together like you thought it might. But let’s also be honest: The only regret is knowing that you decided not to do something instead of going out and doing your best. The truth is that we’re never as prepared as we like, but that’s also where the fun comes in. I have a hunch that fits in somewhere in the Tony Doctrine.

Third is a charm
A major milestone

For as quickly as my first two albums appeared …

The third one has become bogged down.

Listen to Album No. 2

The reason? For one I’ve been bogged down by other projects, with the most notable of those bringing Nature Folk Inc to life. And I’d like to say I’ve been working on big picture items, but it truth it’s always the little hiccups and roadblocks that consume most of my time. But recently, I feel like I’ve made major strides on a number of fronts. And yes, even better I’m working on a new song. The thing about this one: It stands a chance of becoming my big breakthrough. Or more than likely it will be just another forgettable song … until the musical landscape changes years from now and finally my music get’s its proper day in the sun. Here’s to dreaming!

Songwriter’s secret
There is no secret

Everybody asks me:

“Bobby Angel what’s your next song?”

Sometimes you just go with it

The truth is: I don’t know. It’s whenever the muse strikes. As for the topic? That too is anybody’s guess. For example, I’m currently working on a one hit wonder. I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that being presumptuous? Actually, it’s the point of the song. How I got on the topic I’m not even sure other than I know if I don’t run with it, I’ll never get it done thus relegating it to the great dust heap of good ideas never acted upon. I’m not saying I’m a great song writer or even less a good musician. But I do think when this song is done it will be the cornerstone of my next album, tentatively titled One Hit Wonder Machine.

State of the artist

People always ask me:

“Bobby Angel what’s next?”

Origin story of how I got my name

The truth is, I simply don’t know. I could say I was working on something big, and describe it to the tee; but in my book saying isn’t doing and when it comes to doing I usually go with the flow. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan.

One thing you might notice about my songs: I’m not very good at guitar. Nor do I have a very good voice. Nor is there anyone really helping me out. Maybe that’s Bobby Angel at his core, charting things out as I go, like a lost sailor looking up at the stars. A key thing that I am always reminded of – I didn’t even give myself my own stage name. Somebody else gave it to me and I just went with the flow.

Sometimes in life you don’t question things.

And who really has time? Life is the art of not waiting for the next inspiration to strike. It will come while doing, and likely send you down a new path.

As always, forever and always,