Welcome to my songs!

Did the “video kill the radio star?” Fortunately, Bobby Angel isn’t a radio star, so it’s a mute point. But I also know that video, and specifically YouTube, is the new vinyl, or something like that. So I just don’t write and record songs (around the campfire), I also put them to video, too. Below is a list of all my songs to date.

Hope you enjoy the audio and visual blend,

Songs (chronological)

Welcome to my interviews!

In addition to writing and singing songs, I never play a song without talking about it, too — sometimes a little before and sometimes a little more after and sometimes so much that I forget to sing the song altogether. But around the campfire, it’s really the backstory that brings the song to life.

Hope you enjoy the insights the interviews provide.

Interviews (chronological)

Welcome to my demos!

Campfire songs just don’t happen. You have to practice them and hone them over time, and often inside.

Below are a handful of my practice sessions.

Demos (chronological)