Seasonal change

Change doesn’t always come from within.

Sometimes the weather spurs it on.

There’s no better example than a stout wind blowing in from the northeast in South Florida. That’s high and dry air, and quite literally can lift you off your fee – both physically and psychologically. Or in other words, sometimes internal change is driven by external factors that are beyond our control.

Now let’s talk about the song: I’ll admit it’s not my strongest musical performance. But who said it was supposed to be? I had an initial thought to really refine the chords and round out the lyrics. Then other songs got in the way. Before I knew it I had a backlog of 3-4 songs. If Bobby Angel has a specialty – it’s cranking out the unpolished gems. That doesn’t mean they are finished products. It’s just my way of earmarking a song in the mental anthology so I can work on it and refine it later on.

To be honest, I think it’s good enough.

I think it captured a moment, which is really what a North Wind is all about.