Nature dreams

There Goes Bob Three

Words and music by Bobby Angel

Going up to read the writing on the wall, etched in blood by the scratch of a claw. When he got to where it was, the only thing he saw was water filling slowly in the print of his paw.

Gotta turn quick to see,

There goes Bob 3.

Listen closely to the ivory bill weep, in the middle of the night it will bring you to your feet. Tip toe to the window, then listens to the crickets cheep. They say go where your going, take what you wanna keep

Fifty years since its been heard,

Now there goes Bob the Third.

No time to second guess the price of a sparrow, or the life of an stork brought down by an arrow, and all bets are off when the match of Nero burns it all down, takes it all back to zero

Nothing comes for free,

And now there goes Bob T.

Sometimes I have a small passing thought that the trouble nowadays is watching what we fought being frittered away over time by default by bulldozers that no human force can halt.

Engines are all gased and lubed,

There goes Bob Cubed

Take a deep breath, swallow it all in. Ospreys got a fish, its flapping its fin. Going to his nest, going back to his kin. Never did nothing not worth trying again. Like a bird flying free …

There goes Bob 3D