Hobo Camp

Bobby Angel’s ballad of a hobo …

Who took a stand for the woods at the edge of town.

Bobby Angel delivers a power ballad on the hobo life, and in this song – the story of a hobo who discovers the joys and sorrows of building a hobo camp at the edge of town. Join Bobby Angel after the song in a wide-ranging interview on the musical influences behind the song, recollections of hobo camps past and who might the real hobo be.

The thing about the hobo …

He more than just care, he’s moved to action.

Of course, as a hobo he didn’t have a lot to lose. Or more correctly stated, everything he owned (or didn’t own) was on the line. And more specifically, his hobo camp. The hobo initially finds solace and then inner strength in squatting in a makeshift hobo camp at the forest at the edge of town – only to have his whole world upended when the developers come in to knock the forest down, and with it his hobo camp.

Can the hobo save the day?

Well, let’s just say he makes a stand.

And in doing so, also reveals the truth about the woods at the edge of town.