Higher road

Higher Moral Ground

Words and Music by Bobby Angel

If you took you for a fool, that was your first mistake, because when it came to push and pull, he was a man that wouldn’t break. In a forest so deep that when the tree it fell, nobody heard a sound except for he who stood on the higher moral ground

When the truth was hard to see, he shone out through the cloud. And when it was never meant to be, he’d stand up and walk away proud. In a swamp so deep and a rain so thick, there was no dry land to be found, except for he who stood on the higher moral ground

Where battle lines are drawn, these are places that he seeks, because he’s ready to lose a pawn and not afraid to draw the heat. In a storm so deep with winds so strong they’d already left town, except for he who stood on the higher moral ground

Where words replace the sword, he knows just what to say. And when you win the game, you must be ready to fight the next day. In stakes so high for which mighty they clash to be the king of the mound. He was the last man standing on the higher moral ground

All trails go where they go and pass by things on the side. Some roads are rough indeed. But you’re better off for having tried. In a silence so deep they all held their breath, as he pleaded up to the crown, “I put the trails ontop of the higher moral ground.”

I’ve heard it said before, it boils down to fate. And some doors never open, no matter how long you wait. When the jury was hung and the verdict unsure, he preach out to the crowd, with both feet planted firmly on the higher moral ground

The man who plants the seed, can’t stay to see it grown. And only time will tell the fruit his labor has sown. Where a glacier once ran is a canyon so deep, it’s dizzy to look down …

And that’s where he’ll be standing on the higher moral ground