Live Show
Estero Arena Saturday February 12th

All artists get their start somewhere …

For Bobby Angel it was campfire events.

Placard announcing the event

After years of obscurity at small campfires, Bobby Angel is moving up in the world and scheduled to perform LIVE “within walking distance” (granted, it’s a long walk) from the very same arena where Bob Dylan and many other luminaries played. Next step: Getting inside the arena. Bobby Angel’s 4-song set near the coffee shop of Florida Gulf Coast University will feature (1) Ballad of a Florida Panther, (2) Ugliest Forest, (3) Preserved and (4) Higher Moral Ground, and who knows – maybe a surprise song … and lots of storytelling in between. Or at least that’s the plan. First lets see if I can remember the songs, and how well I can pull off the campfire vibe at a daytime event.