Big Cypress Bound
Bobby Angel's 3rd Album

When does an album become an album?

Answer: When suddenly it clicks.

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On my most recent album that happened with the song Time to Retire. Although, to be honest, it took another month after that for me to realize that Time to Retire was the anchor (i.e. final) song. The reason? Sometimes things take a little while to sink in. Time to Retire is an ode to a long time botanist, ecologist, high seas explorer and my boss for the last three years that I’ve spent circling around the orb of hydrogen combustion better known as the sun. I was eternally grateful for the time I spent working with him, as he was what others often called as a “legend of the swamp.” But for me he was nothing other than a good friend, and someone who was as easy to connect with as he knew knew worlds beyond what I could ever comprehend. Or in other words, we we appreciated each other for what we knew, what we could bring to the table, and our potential — individually and collectively — for making a difference.

More about this album: It’s a dedication to a place and a journey. Getting there, staying, and moving away. I’m not saying that every song is about the Big Cypress. But what I can say is that every song was written and sun with the Big Cypress looming in my mind.

Special thanks to Geeta for helping bring it all together with a final campfire at the end. Hashtag: #PalletsWillBeBurned!