Mass Exodus (from the Swamp)

Empty swamp

Mass Exodus (from the Swamp)

Words and music by Bobby Angel

I remember the days of many but panthers were just a few.  That’s why I’m cryin’ even though panthers are plenty because I’m gonna really miss each and every one of you. For example Dusty Torre.  He had a really thick skin.  Some people’ll remember his dirty looks but me I’ll remember his gap-toothed grin. Or how about Wynn Carney? He had a boat he took on the sea.  It took me a while to forgive him for whatever he did or didn’t do with the L-28 key. Or Melissa Olsen how she was a travelin’ fool. Hold tight to your passport! That’s your new golden rule. Or Pat Kenney?  Yes I know he left long ago, but I still see and hear his voice in the halls. It’s true I have a problem letting go.

Remember your first day when everything was shiny and new.  Now everyone’s a little older and the swamp will be a little colder because we’re gonna miss each and every one of you.

Melissa she was a birder.  She liked to count them in the trees and listen to them call to her in the Big Cypress breeze. Or David Adams – a Kemosabe all the way.  How even when it was shitty he’d say “It’s a beautiful day!” Or Pedro Ramos.  He was the big fish of Deep Lake.  Now he’s swam across the pond to open the glades to more water gates. How about Noreen she was the UPS package queen.  No matter how bad the story, not even close to the worse she’s seen.

Remember how it started when you saw it all with fresh eyes.  Now everything is changing and your life will be rearranging.  Nobody said it would ever be easy to say goodbye

Then there’s Jim Snyder He already got a song.  Not gonna give you a copy, don’t wanna know what I did wrong. Or Chris Derman He had a long running stride.  Enjoyed kale in his smoothies and put up a lot of interpretation signs. Or Craig Davis, he was a MSU fan through and through.  Now the second best school in Michigan that Coach Harbaugh took over at the U. Or Jim Burch and all them tricks up his sleeves.  Still up there in his office.  Gonna take more than not paying him to make him leave.

I remember fondly all the good times we had and even though you’re going you were definitely worth knowing and that your off to greener pastures I am glad.

Oh and can’t forget Betty and them big eyes and bright smile.  How’d we all line up at her desk to ask her questions single file. Or the time she said “Thank you kindly,” she always said it so kind.  I’m gonna tape it the next time she says it so I can play it back in my mind. I’ll never forget you ever I promise through and through.  You’ll always be a friend even if our paths never cross again.  Like a sister I’m your brother they can replace you but they’ll never be no other …

I’m really gonna miss you!