January 18, 2021

This Bobby Angel original takes you on a journey that both spans the generations and chronicles one man’s journey to pick up the pieces to a place that he’s leaving behind, or is he? Nothing is straight forward or what it seems in a Bobby Angel song. Enjoy!

Wrong Side of a Dream

December 12, 2020

Dreams are what you shoot for in your youth, until suddenly the stark reality of life turnes them into a nightmarish state. Or can the original dream be salvaged? Or even if not, does the dream live on? Bobby Angel take it to the next level into the exploratory journey of what the pursuit of dreams, their eventually shortcomings, and the solace they eventually bring is all about. Dream big, pursue those dreams; But never forget that whatever you dream is no guarantee.

Side note: Bobby Angel has been singing this song in the back of his head for some twenty years. Perhaps in the interim he’s relived the song too many time to tell.

In a word, Bobby Angel rocks.

Downtown in Tivoli

January 12, 2020

Bobby Angel delivers another masterpiece, this time his homage to small riverside towns: Downtown in Tivoli. The song was originally conceived as a snapshot in time of a small town along the Hudson River that the singer/songwriter visited many times (and many a moon ago) with his brother, who lived in the region for some time, until he left. But twenty years after it was originally penned, Bobby Angel spent two days straight trying to remember the chords and lyrics and eventually did. The song is now a nostalgic look back to a world both gone by and still there as it always was and always will be. Long live Tivoli and long live Cafe Pongo!

Triple Rudolph

December 10, 2020

Bobby Angel delivers a holiday classic that is sure to resonate with all you yule-tiders out there. In the immortal words of Author Fonzarelli (aka “The Fonz”) this song stakes its claim in the ultimate underdog story of the Christmas Cannon. To all you Rudophs out there – past present and future – this song is for you.

Warning: Bobby Angel was informed by his mother that the song made her cry. Mothers as a rule love anything their sons produce.

Ugliest Forest

December 4, 2020

Bobby Angel sings his original song “Ugliest Forest,” a song that laments the plight of a patch of forest at the edge of town. Stay tuned in afterwards to hear a wide-ranging interview on the making of the song.

Hobo Camp

December 3, 2020

Bobby Angel delivers a power ballad on the hobo life, and in this song – the story of a hobo who discovers the joys and sorrows of building a hobo camp at the edge of town. Join Bobby Angel after the song in a wide-ranging interview on the musical influences behind the song, recollections of hobo camps past and who might the real hobo be.

North Wind

November 30, 2020

Is there anything more transformative than a change in the weather? In North Wind, Bobby Angel makes the case that transcendence is a mighty dose of dry air from a northeast blowing breeze. At least, that’s the case after a long summer in south Florida. Join Bobby Angel after the song on a wide-ranging interview on the meaning behind and making of the song.

We Burned It Down

November 2, 2020

Let’s face it: Too many songs out there are about frivolous feelings and carnal desires that quite frankly don’t stand up to the test of time. It’s about time an artist steps forward to talk about something that strikes deep into the heart of the human psyche – the seasons. Whether it’s the spring blues or being lost deep in the summer sojourn, Bobby Angel presents a compelling case that the seasons are more a part of us than we know, and more than that – a gift. Being tuned into the seasons is the ultimate reward.

Let Your Light Shine Through

October 15, 2020

Is life dragging you down and you feel like nobody has your back? Well take heart folks.. Bobby Angel is here with his ode to rising above the fray and provide reassurance that your one the right path. Be on the lookout for a “behind the campfire” in-depth interview with Bobby Angel on this inspirational song, coming soon!

Not Sure

September 29, 2020

Bobby Angel releases the long-awaited Side B to smash single and Side A of Candidate Burt Silver’s campaign song, New Dawn. To be sure, Not Sure is a more edgier song, but it touches deeply on the philosophical quandary of making it to the next day while also trying to find a more sustainable way. Stay tuned after the song to hear an exclusive interview where Bobby Angel talks about keeping good routines, and why Burt Silver should be judged by his civic accomplishments, not his personal peccadillos.

The Lusitania

September 19, 2020

Bobby Angel discusses his new song and takes a look behind the scenes on how it was made, including what inspired him to write the song, why he’d love to collaborate with Celine Dion if their schedules would ever allow, and what makes the sinking of the Lusitania a more timely tale than the Titanic.

New Dawn

September 15, 2020

Bobby Angel cuts to the chase in this quick interview and anatomy of his breakthrough song “New Dawn,” including how it was originally written as Candidate Burt Angel’s campaign song, but evolved into something deeper and more personal from there. A “must listen” for any and all Angelheads out there.

X Marks The Spot

August 24, 2020

Bobby Angel sings X Marks The Spot, an apocalyptic tale to greed and salvation in a world gone mad; or is it a love song? In a rare interview, Bobby Angel discusses the creative process behind the song, which Bob Dylan song inspired it, and why it took so darn long to write.

Old Jim Dill

August 16, 2020

Bobby Angel sings swamp standard Old Jim Dill. Jim Dill was a hermit who lived in The Big Cypress at the end of a dead end road near Pinecrest. And be sure to stay tuned in after the song to hear an exclusive interview about the song with the singer/songwriter himself.

Man of Honor

August 7, 2020

An untimely death, a life remembered. In honor of an outspoken outdoor enthusiast, Billy Joiner. Stay on after the song to hear an interview with Bobby Angel about the song and what made Billy Joiner an inspiration for all those who know him.

New Pangaea

June 22, 2020

Bobby Angel’s homage to brotherhood as seen through the eyes of a 1974 Ford Elite. Stay on after the song to hear Bobby Angel spill the beans on the inside scoop behind the creation of New Pangaea, including which came first — the album or the song, the geologic and metaphysical meaning of the term, and why Muscovy ducks are so beautiful.

Mass Exodus

June 3, 2020

Bobby Angel performs smash hit “Mass Exodus from the Swamp” LIVE at The Pavilion to a standing room only audience. Bobby angels reveals the inside scoop behind his live performance of Mass Exodus from the Swamp, including the godfather of the Nature Folk movement, why farewells are so tough, and what it’s like to perform at Pier Six Pavilion

Ballad of the Florida Panther

May 17, 2020

Bobby Angel’s power ballad about the plight of the Florida Panther. Stay on after the song to hear Bobby Angel muse on the making of his smash single Ballad of a Florida Panther, including the inside scoop on his first sighting of (what he thought initially) was a “large dog,” why they used to be more rare than seeing Ivory-billed woodpeckers, the movie magic of he videos opening scene, and how the use of silhouettes make the video pop.

One More Melaleuca

May 10, 2020

Bobby Angel’s farewell song to a naturalist who has led the effort to eradicate melaleuca and other exotic invasive plants and animals from south Florida natural areas. Stay on afterwards to hear Bobby Angel riff on comparisons to Bob Dylan, what makes Bob Dylan and Michael Jordan great, why he gave up guitar for 20 years, and why melaleuca is such a scourge.

Pilot of Many Talents

May 26, 2020

Bobby Angel’s farewell song to a long-time helicopter pilot who flew over the Big Cypress Swamp too many times to count. Stay tuned in after the song to hear Bobby Angel reveal the inside scoop on break-through song Pilot of Many Talents, including its debut performance to a crowd of over a hundred fans at Islamorada, why it took 10 years to make the video, and will he ever reunite with the Gatorettes.

Higher Moral Ground

May 9, 2020

This is a farewell song to Superintendent John Donahue, a staunch defender of nature, and greatly admired by many. Stay tuned in after the song to hear Bobby Angel’s wide-ranging interview recounts the origin story of his breakthrough song Higher Moral Ground, including insights on John Donahue, the superintendent who inspired the song and how Cape Cod National Seashore, the Brooklyn Bridge and FDR all loom large in the song’s lyrical composition.

David Moody Blues

May 13, 2020

Bobby Angel’s farewell song to outdoors naturalist extraordinaire David Moody, in his early years, just when he was starting off on his career. Stay on after the song to hear Bobby Angel’s reveals the inside story behind the making of smash hit David Moody Blues, including an explanation of why ghost towns matter, how a frontier can be frozen in time, and how finding benchmarks is similar to prospecting for gold.

There Goes Bob 3

July 5, 2020

Bobby Angel’s nostalgic ode to making things right and whole again in the natural world. Stay tuned in after the song to hear Bobby Angel’s deeply rendered insights into how kid’s view nature, memories from his high school commute and how past and future lives collide around the campfire.

3 Jacks

May 10, 2020

Bobby Angel’s farewell to wildland fire fighter and safety guru Jack Finley (now retired). Stay tuned in after the song to hear Bobby Angel muse on the creative process behind the song and how its origin traces all the way back to his childhood.

Marsha Marsha

June 8, 2020

The song that started it all! This is Bobby Angel’s tribute song to Marsha for her work in the early years of helping restore the panther population from the brink of extinction. Stay tuned in after the song to hear Bobby Angel discuss how the song unwittingly launched his career and other details behind the song.