Price you pay
And why I wrote the song

I‘m not saying …

I’ll do anything to make a sale.

Burt Silver’s Campaign Commercial

But sometimes you’ve gotta be willing to go out on a limb, especially when you’re a struggling artist. And by struggling, I mean struggling to find an audience. And don’t get me wrong, I love performing at campfire events. The problem is they’re usually campfires I start, and sometimes I’m the only one there. The last election cycle I was approached by a politician named Burt Silver who asked if I’d write his theme song. At first I was unsure, but being an artist down on my luck, I really didn’t have a choice. And before I feature that song — called New Dawn — I thought to post a campaign commercial by Burt. The thing that really won me over about Burt was his problem solving skills. He may not be your ordinary politician, but when the cards are down and the stakes are high, he’s not afraid to bluff with a pair of twos. I respect that. Burt and I really bonded at the late night diner after a big night of poker earnings and that’s when we struck our deal. It was as big an advance as I’d seen my whole life. To think, it was just another night of gambling earnings for him. It sort of blew me away. “It’s a new dawn with Burt Silver,” is all I could think when we finally left the diner. And I mean literally — a thin sliver of the sun was starting to rise up out of the East. A new dawn alright. A new dawn indeed.

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