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Who is Bobby Angel?

Some have likened him to a force of nature, although definitely not a tornado, and probably not a hurricane, and without a doubt not a windless day. No, Bobby Angel is better described (and often so by the critics) as a gentle zephyr punctuated periodically with some slightly more stouter gusts. Have you ever recalled a time when a you had the perfect wind at your back, filling your sails? If so, then you know the feeling – and, yes, that probably best describes Bobby Angel best.

The purpose of today’s newsletter:

The BobbyAngel.Org website is in the process of getting a major reboot. The ultimate goal? To create a website where the artist can connect with his his fans and have his fans connect with – not just his music – but the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) that Bobby Angel is all about.

In closing, and really what the Angelhead Newsletter is all about, we would be remiss without queueing up a Nature Folk Shanty (i.e. a campfire song) that you can enjoy right here on the spot in your e-mail inbox.

This week’s song is an adventure about a Florida Panther.

The plight of the Florida Panther, in song

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