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In addition to writing and singing songs, I never play a song without talking about it, too — sometimes a little before and sometimes a little more after and sometimes so much that I forget to sing the song altogether. But around the campfire, it’s really the backstory that brings the song to life.

Hope you enjoy the insights the interviews provide.

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Bobby Angel tours his website

The major take-home point is this: The website is super easy to navigate. My albums, songs, interview, campfire concerts, demos and more are easy to find. Better yet, you can even buy a Bobby Angel T-Shirt. The thing about Bobby Angel, I’m about as good a webmaster as I am a singer songwriter. Or in other words, I’m learning. What I love about the website? It made me think long and hard about how to structure it and the message I wanted to get across. Most of all I wanted it a tool where Angelheads could both find what they needed (songs, albums, interviews) — better known as “discoverability” — but also get lost. Early on and often, the website helped inform my art. Case in point is that whenever I write a song I follow up within the week with an interview on the song. The other great thing about the website: It gives me a reason to be a finisher. Without a place to put a song, to memorialize it for all time, it’s easy to use that for an excuse of never getting it done. Not for Bobby Angel! Yes, many first drafts never see the light of day. But if I make it to the second draft, the third, seventh, thirteenth, whatever it takes, are close behind, it soon thereafter finding a spot on my website.

I‘ve always said: If nobody else uses my website other than me, it’s a success. But Big Confession, too: Thank God for all you Angelheads out there!

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Titanic dethroned!
Bobby Angel talks "The Lusitania"

Behind every great song …

Is the after-song interview.

Bobby angel explains why in this in-depth interview.

No song delves deeper into my heart than the Lusitania. Why? Maybe because my grandfather could have easily served in the war. He didn’t. But he was almost of the age that he could have if he were only born a year or two before. To me, the song also challenges the myth of the Titanic. It also begs the question, will Celine Dion and I ever collaborate. All I can say is that it would be a great, maybe the greatest, highlight of my career. Celine – if you’re listening – I already have the campfire venue picked out. Or alternatively, we could meet up in Las Vegas too at one of your shows. I’m good either way.